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NCSAAM's mission is to promote the highest standards of professional practice for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine in North Carolina. The Association provides its members, the public, and policymakers, resources for ensuring the preservation and advancement of the art, science, and practice of Asian Medicine. NCSAAM is dedicated to educating the public, policymakers, and healthcare professionals about the practice of acupuncture. Our leadership is all-volunteer; however we rely on donations to help fund our awareness campaigns, educational events, and outreach efforts. 

Donations can be made to two different funds.  One is dedicated to our ongoing advocacy efforts. The other to our overall operating budget.  You can denote your preference when donating.  NCSAAM sends their sincere thanks.


 If you would like 100% of your donation to go to the NCSAAM, please consider mailing a check to the following address:
385 Wesley Court 
Chapel Hill, NC  27516

Please note that donations made to a 501(c)(6) are not tax deductible.

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