Are you interested in being part of a growing  organization that promotes awareness, provides networking and educational opportunities for LAcs? 

Do you have a particular skill that you think could help NCSAAM achieve our goals?

Volunteers play an important role in the mission and vision of NCSAAM. We have many opportunities to volunteer whether you are looking for a long-term opportunity or a short-term project.  If you have questions about these opportunities, contact us at director@ncsaam.org

VACANT POSITIONS: The following positions obtain free tuition to the NCSAAM annual symposium offered in conjunction with the annual membership meeting and 50% reduction on other Association-sponsored CEU events.

Charlotte Chapter Rep.:

Treasurer: The NCSAAM Treasurer has signatory power, along with the President, reports the Association's financial status as the Board of Directors shall require. The Board employs a bookkeeper who handles all invoicing thereby keeping the role of the Treasurer to reporting and oversight only.

 If you are interested in serving and/or have any questions, please contact director@ncsaam.org

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