Beach Chapter Representative:  Chapter Representatives are responsible for keeping their respective chapter members informed of matters of importance regarding activities of the NCSAAM (contact info provided by NCSAAM Executive Director).  Chapter Representatives are encourage to conduct two-three Chapter Mini-Courses. 

Secretary:  The NCSAAM Secretary gives notice of all meetings, keeps the minutes of all meetings, and updates a Policy and Procedures Manual for all policy and procedure decisions of the Board of Directors. 

Treasurer: The NCSAAM Treasurer has signatory power, along with the President, reports the Association's financial status as the Board of Directors shall require, arranges for the financial records to be kept and shall make those records available for inspection by Association members. The Board employs a bookkeeper who handles all invoicing thereby keeping the role of the Treasurer to reporting and oversight only.

All of the above positions obtain free tuition to the NCSAAM annual symposium offered
in conjunction with the annual membership meeting.

 If you are interested in serving and/or have any questions, please contact director@ncsaam.org

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