The NCSAAM welcomes you to become involved in a leadership capacity on a committee or task force. If you are interested in participating or have any questions and/or recommendations, please contact director@ncsaam.org

The mission of the Awards Committee is to evaluate the service of participating members including the Council, Board and other committee volunteers based on the merit of their contributory actions. The committee will then select the award winners for each of the NCAAOM Awards announced at the annual member meeting. Click here to read about available award opportunities.


The mission of the Education Committee is to plan, organize and conduct all CEU educational events offering quality and diverse educational opportunities available at a discounted rate to members of the NCAAOM and to offer competitive pricing to non-members.

The mission of the Insurance Committee is to monitor insurance providers offering acupuncture benefits as well as to alert members of any changes impacting their practice and patients. This committee will assess the details of plans such as what specific diagnoses are covered, do they require a referral from a doctor, does the plan cover acupuncturists doing the procedure or just MDs and Chiropractors, how many visits are covered, or is it limited to a certain dollar amount, etc. This committee will also work with participating Acupuncture Ambassadors in outreach programs to acquire more patient accessibility to acupuncture services, increase acupuncturists in hospitals and align with other organizations to provide more Federal Medicare coverage.

The mission of the Marketing Committee is to identify and implement marketing initiatives and activities to increase awareness of the association.

In addition, this committee will assist with organizing efforts to encourage Acupuncture Ambassador participation such as writing letters of testimony of their positive experiences with acupuncture, supporting efforts of the NCAAOM by volunteering their time to perform necessary tasks, meeting with key legislators to share their support for acupuncture and Eastern medicine, taking part in organized efforts to increase acupuncture insurance coverage and services being provided to the public, etc.

The mission of the Membership Committee is to focus on recruiting and retaining members. As a means of remaining in touch with needs of its members, the NCSAAM continually assesses its benefits and services, expanding them when possible and upgrading its services to suit the requests of members.

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