• Do you want more insurance coverage for services performed by acupuncturists?
  • Would you like to see Acupuncturists working in hospitals?
  • Do you think Medicare/Medicaid should cover acupuncture? 
  • Does our healthcare system need more coordination with Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

We know these things make sense and would like to see these ideas turn into reality; however we cannot make them happen without  you. Our voice does not have the same impact on legislators, policy makers, CEOs of insurance companies, hospitals, etc. YOUR VOICE WILL!  You are the consumer of these services.  You, as the consumer, drive the economy and marketplace much more than we can as practitioners. 

The NCSAAM wants to help organize your efforts to see this beloved medicine grow and flourish. We want to see more patients be allowed the opportunity to access this wonderful system of medicine more affordably. We would like to educate more of the public about how Acupuncture can help them safely and effectively. 

We have been told COUNTLESS times by our patients that you would like to see 
these goals reached as well.

However, we need your assistance! 

Our organization needs a larger and more influential voice to make these positive changes for our healthcare system. This is where you come in. By becoming an NCSAAM Acupuncture Ambassador, our organization’s numbers will grow and be able to make more effective and sustainable improvements to our current system. You can become a member for about the same amount as one co-pay these days, just $25.00.  Join us in becoming an Acupuncture Ambassador by clicking here

There are many ways to help us help you with these goals as well. 

  • Write a letter of testimony on how acupuncture has helped you.  View our patient testimonial page by clicking here.  Submit your letter to director@ncsaam.org
  • Become a volunteer at one of our events.
  • Walk with us during our annual Walk For Acupuncture to spread the word about the benefits of Acupuncture!  
  • Spread the word to others who love acupuncture to become a Patient Ambassador.
  • Donate time or funds to Legislator’s campaigns that are friendly to our profession.
  • Ask for health insurance options that cover acupuncture with Human Resources
  • Encourage your co-workers to choose Health Savings Accounts that cover acupuncture.

For any questions and/or suggestions on ways to bringing more safe and effective acupuncture to the public, please send an email to director@ncsaam.org.  

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